Bored Big Brother….

On most days I worry about cyber security, data privacy and where we are headed regarding this. It’s a scary time indeed where corporations have a stronghold on all of us and their products and services have become the means to our daily bread and butter. Apps owned by said corporations have a record of every mail we send, every message, email, info shared and more. This thought worries me greatly mostly because it is hard for the average man to separate himself from these said products. Our information can be seen by these corporations? Good god! Where does privacy stand in our day and age, what relevance does it have now and will we ever live comfortably and peacefully without the eye of big brother constantly hovering over us?

And THEN….it hits me. Big brother and his corporations who have access to all our data must be bored AF by the mundane nature of it all.

Sure, data, personal information, contacts; yes. Valuable information that belongs to you and shouldn’t fall in any second party’s hands….

But the inane stuff of no significant value whatsoever?

I woke up today to a hundred messages which shocked and scared me at the same time.

Who the hell died? I don’t get these many messages when I wake up? What the hell is going on?

Turns out it’s my boss’s birthday. We have a few groups on this common message app…and every sheep, every tom dick and harry all messaged the same message on the group albeit with a few variations here and there…

“Happy Birthday, XXX”

“Happieee birthday”

“Many happy returns of the day”

“Bro! Happy birthday! Have a blast!

“Happy birthday! Where’s the treat?”

“Happy Birthday, XXX”

“Happy Birthday, XXX”

“Happy Birthday, XXX”

“Happy Birthday, XXX”

“Happy Birthday, XXX”


Hundreds of these messages!! I had to wake up to this? You disgraceful sheep!

I never wish happy birthday to anyone especially on a goddamn app. Its insincere and people only find out through perhaps on Facebook or something similar. No one remembers your birthday this day and age! We are too self centered, yay!

Goddamn, people are boring and also can be a big bunch of goofs and lunatics at times!

Where’s a nuke when you need one? A lot of these morons need to go.

Big brother…you wanted all the data in the world? You happy now?

Are you still entertained?

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