On Dave Chappelle, Karamo, Outrage Culture and the goons on Social Media

I really long for the day the general noise just dies down and people just shut the f**k up.

To me each day feels like a weird form of survival where I wake up, clean my home, tend to my garden, trim the hedges, put my hands on my waist and look at the apocalyptic wasteland around me where people are mauling each other’s faces right in front of me kicking and screaming.

Dave Chappelle is easily one of the best comedians of our time; he is the 21st century Richard Pryor. We are lucky to live around the same time this man breathes and exists. I listen to a lot of stand up comedy during my day especially during the long commutes to and from office because…something has to cheer me up goddamnit! As an ardent fan of Dave, I decided to check out his latest Netflix special ‘Sticks and Stones’ mostly because I appreciate his work, a little because of the controversy behind it. And suffice to say…Dave didn’t disappoint one bit. Watching him at his craft you can’t help but stand back and watch in awe as the master does his work and creates a masterpiece in front of your eyes. The special was funny, witty, thought-provoking and Dave even reaches out to the audience and the people he made jokes about saying that if he made fun of them, its because he sees a bit of himself in them. Near. Goddamn. Perfection. I went back home to check the comments and outrage behind the special and yup – all of it focusses on the first 20-25 mins of the special and its completely misunderstood and misquoted – People are attacking Dave for the sake of attacking…someone – it doesn’t matter who the blood belongs to.

Karamo Brown – easily a saint living among us men. All he wanted to do was sit down and have a discourse with the person who didn’t share his views. Karamo understands the importance of discourse and civility because it is the first step in opening one’s eyes and changing their views and perceptions of the world. All the man wanted to do…and did was be kind to Sean Spicer when he joined Dancing with the Stars so that they both could have a civil conversation. And the goons…the goons on twitter…these aren’t mere trolls anymore…the same goons who praised Karamo for the better part of two years were suddenly against the man. They “called” him out. They attacked him. They shamed him. They berated a man who wanted to sit down and talk!

And Karamo LEFT twitter! He did. These people chased away a man who just sought civil discourse! As a person who despises social media and all that it stands for, this made me angry. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram…these companies can and should ensure that such people aren’t allowed to berate, shame and just basically be scum and a despicable human being online in the name of free speech and having an opinion. The reason that these companies won’t do anything about it is because the goons on social media get clicks, ad revenue, eyeballs, they grab headlines and make the news…it is good for the system. This is the same inane logic that got Trump three billion dollars of free news coverage…more than what he owns I’m sure…when he ran for President in 2016…and WON! Are you guys happy covering him full time now as he threatens to bring the world to a recession and an eventual standstill?

Why…why are these goons being let go scot-free and let free to roam around spewing their vile shit and bile all over the lawn? They may be good for news or entertainment…but who is going to clean the mess afterwards? You guys? The people who own these companies?

Is there a line drawn anywhere? Where do you draw a line and say ‘enough is enough’ and do something about it while claiming responsibility for your actions?

(And by claiming responsibility I don’t mean the way Zuckerberg testified in Congress saying how deeply sorry he was all while he seemed unaware, uninformed, later made jokes about the way they handled privacy in Facebook…and the guy’s wealth increased exponentially as he testified!)

Don’t just merely apologise – do something. Kick the goons out. Make your platforms safe. Regulate! Have stringent rules! Must this be told to you? Should we really wait until it is too late?

Dear lord…the world is run by morons. The pan is getting hot as we speak, there is no lid in sight and I cannot wait to see how spectacularly all of this will blow up in our faces because let’s face it, folks, – you made this mess, you let this happen, we didn’t do anything about this, we still won’t, it will blow up in our faces, good artists will be silenced and the mess will be hilarious and devasting at the same time when it does occur and it will.

Start your oven timer and move the hands of the doomsday clock.

Yet another random and anonymous (haha) person on WordPress whose opinions mean jack and will go unread.

3 thoughts on “On Dave Chappelle, Karamo, Outrage Culture and the goons on Social Media

    1. No…your efforts are highly respected and I admire you a lot for taking time to read and comment on my posts. It’s very civil, enlightening and you make a person’s day with your sheer presence…

      Sometimes i wish tribes like yours would expand more and more people are civil and kind to each other. Last night I got really frustrated over the way people have regressed and treat each other on social media plaforms.

      For voices like me…or you who are kind and want the world to be a better place….we go unheard. For artists like Karamo and Dave who preach the same message using their status….they are ‘read’ and ‘heard’ but are silenced immediatly….

      Your efforts were never disrespected. But i did get very frustrated over the way we’ve regressed as a society and treat each other…especially those who want kindness, peace and a civil discourse….

      I hope this clarifies. Thank you for reading my posts, Sheetal. You inspire me to continue writing as always 🙂 🙌

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